Friday, September 19, 2008

I stalk these food blogs

The Pioneer Woman. Now, don't go thinkin' she's a Mormon pioneer, cuz she surely is not. She does live on a ranch so I think that counts as being a pioneer. Her recipes are usually easy, stick to your ribs type food made with lots of butter (yummmm!). I have made a couple of her recipes and am constantly printing more out to try. She posts tons of pics and has great commentary.

Stephanie is a local, which means I really like her. And she does cooking classes at her house for a reasonable price. I took my sis-in-law to one and it was a lot of fun. She does gourmet food that is easy for anyone to make. She's also super cute and nice!

I get good ideas from The Picky Palate, but I know that my kids picky palates wouldn't eat most of the recipes. Major bonus: tons of treats!! Yummy!

These last three were recommended by my google reader (which I love) and I've enjoyed reading them.

And of course, I post my recipes on my blog. I will re-post some here too.

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Alisha said...

Thanks Sharon!! Good sites! I really like the pioneer woman!